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Main activities

  • Needs Analysis of the existing situation in each country:
  • Definition of a qualitative and quantitative survey of needs and achievements
  • Data collection and interviews to relevant stakeholders about existing expertise and experiences
  • Creation of a shared report
  • P.A.RE.N.T.S Events during the European Week of Sport, September 2018, we organize family / sport / health / solidarity events in the 3 partners countries: France, Spain, Italy

The concept is that families will get together:

  • in different EU cities, in places accessible to everyone
  • to try out many different kind of sports and games, enjoying a healthy day together
  • receive information on prevention, health, family services, solidarity
  • access inter-generational and completely free sport and physical activities

Events will be developed around 4 main areas:

  • The SPORT village: where families will discover, try , practice different kinds of free and accessible sports through grassroots clubs or federations
  • The FAMILY village: gathers all different family and parent associations, offering various games, physical activities, animations and information about their actions and services
  • The SOLIDARITY village: presents various actions by welfare centers, social organizations, nonprofit organizations, associations supporting people, childcare, intergeneration solidarity
  • The HEALTH village: promotes public health-care, good practices and prevention through physical activity, nutrition, hygiene, road safety, domestic accidents, first aid, drug and alcohol prevention, addiction to screens
  • Dissemination
  • Public Awareness and Information campaigns before an during the A.RE.N.T.S Events
  • Creation of a Media Tool Kit


Famillathlon is an initiative originated in Paris in 2005 from five women willing to promote the importance of sports for the health and the unity in the family and organise a special time and space for all members of the family to play sport together in the heart of the city.

Since then, Famillathlon organizes every year a great festive and sport day for families in several cities, in France and Bulgaria, aiming to promote health, wellbeing, solidarity among families and social links.

This non profit organisation is made up of 5 members working on coordination, animation, communication, networking, and relays on a network of 10 organising associations in different places of France. This enables to be effective both at local and national level.

In 2016, our events in 16 different places brought together 60.000 people from all generations and cultures, 700 volunteers, 400 sport clubs and associations animating activities and entertainment.

Our main aims are:

  • To show that physical activity and sports is an effective way of communication within the family
  • To connect families with the world of sports, physical activity, health and associations
  • To encourage the practice of sports and physical activity sharing time with the other members of the family
  • To develop sporting activities for families living with disability, proposing sport for everyone disabled or not
  • To raise awareness among sport clubs and families of the environmental responsibility
  • To strengthen the link between sport, physical activity, health, social relationship and fun
  • To emphasize the educational and social function of physical activity and sport
  • To promote social networks and exchanges between various partners and participating associations
  • To promote the family as a place of development, values transmission and construction of individuals
  • To allow to discover new sports


Full Partner Organizations:

GEA Coop Sociale (IT)

GEA is a non profit Social Cooperative founded in 2004 in Padua. Its main goal is to promote and support processes of integration and active citizenship of vulnerable groups such as minors, migrant women, migrant families and communities, asylum seekers and refugees in the area of Veneto region.

GEA has developed different experiences and skills in the field of:

  • active citizenship
  • integration and intercultural education
  • Cultural and Linguistic Mediation, intercultural counselling
  • projects development and management
  • support and consulting of migrant associations and groups in their relations with institutions, public and private territorial services

GEA has developed a sound experience in local and European projects management in the field of social inclusion and intercultural dialogue, developing services and projects for immigrant and socially weak families, children and youngsters, cooperating constantly with schools and social health services. Among other projects in the field of sport and equality, is also full partner of the Collaborative Partnerships project “P.L.A.Y! – Peer education, Leadership, Action, Youth – promoting grassroot sports for educational success and social inclusion” funded by 2016 Erasmus + Sport.

GEA cooperates with local and national grassroots sport organizations that valorise sport as a tool of social inclusion and contrast discriminations. Is local branch for North East Italy of OXFAM Italia and member of the board of the national consortium Idee In Rete.

GASOL Foundation (Spain)

Gasol Foundation is a non-for-profit organisation created in 2014 by the two Gasol brothers (Pau and Marc), both NBA basketball players.

The mission of the Foundation is to reduce childhood obesity rates by promoting healthy lifestyles amongst children and their families. Gasol Foundation is implementing two programmes, one in Spain (Barcelona) and another in United States (Los Angeles) to reach disadvantage populations and promote healthy lifestyles during leisure time.

The main objectives of the Gasol Foundation are:

  • To promote an adequate nutrion and a healthy and balanced diet in the familiar, scholar and community settings.
  • To promote physical activity through the sport, game and physical exercise in the familiar, scholar and community settings.
  • To promote an adequate number and quality of sleep.
  • To promote a healthy emocional wellbeing.
  • To promote the training of those who have influence on children and young people of school age and create an enabling environment for the purposes of the foundation.
  • To generate awareness in the society about the importance of childhood obesity prevention through the promotion of healthy lifestyles.
  • To contribute to the research in this field and assess the health impact of the Foundation interventions